History Of Swiss Breitling Chronograph Replica Watches Online

The best Breitling fake watches leave deep impression on us with the unique style created by many bold elements. Today we will discuss about the history of Breitling Chronograph.

  • First Breitling

Breitling has a legendary development story like many popular watch brands. Leon Breitling, the founder of Breitling was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1860. He became a watchmaker and he founded his own watchmaking workshop.

The first Breitling Chronograph fake watch was launched in 1915.
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  • Aviation Inspiration

In 1914, Gaston Breitling took the charge of Breitling after the death of his father Leon Breitling. He found that the demand for perfect copy pilot watches will be bigger in future, so he began to manufacture the special pilot watches. In 1915, the first chronograph wristwatch was launched.

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  • Development History

-In 1915, the first Breitling chronograph was launched.

-In 1923, the first independent chronograph watch was launched.

-In 1934, the chronograph with three pushers that can continuously timing was launched.

-In 1952, the first Navitimer AOPA was launched.

-In 1969, the first automatic Chrono-matic was launched.