Breitling Opts For Precision Aerospace Replica Watches US Wholesale For Latest Red Arrows Limited Edition

Last year it was the Chronomat collection with the honour of carrying the Red Arrows insignia.

This year Breitling has selected the AAA US replica Breitling Aerospace watches as the canvas for a 350-piece limited edition in collaboration with the legendary Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team; the British equivalent of our Blue Angels.

The high quality Breitling fake watches is a centerpiece to a long-term partnership — over 30 years together — that grants Breitling permission to feature the Red Arrow emblems.

The new cheap Breitling Aerospace replica watches has the Diamond Nine flight formation in red on the blue dial, while the Eclat crest is engraved on the caseback.

Along with the pageantry, the Red Arrows could not be more synonymous for precision and split second timing, so the best Breitling Aerospace copy watches is an appropriate choice for the limited edition with its highly accurate SuperQuartz movement and dial with multi-function digital chronometer displays rather than the mechanically driven counters of the Chronomat and other automatic chronographs in the Breitling portfolio.

Weight to strength ratio is also key to the maneuverability of the Red Arrows, attributes picked up by the perfect replica Breitling Aerospace watches’ 43mm titanium case and integrated bracelet.

“We are proud that Breitling and the Red Arrows have one of the longest running relationships between a watch brand and a military display team. A relationship built on shared values, precision timing and excellence and a trust in our designs and functionality, as the pilots continue to wear our 1:1 Breitling super clone watches whilst testing the limits in their breath-taking displays. This Aerospace – elevated with Red Arrows insignia — is a long-requested edition that we have great pleasure in making available to the public for the first time,” says Gavin Murphy, managing director of Breitling UK.

The top online fake Breitling Aerospace Red Arrows Special Edition watches is priced at £3,500 (around $3,800).